Thursday, May 15, 2008


i couldn't find a side t-shirt template. this is sad news because i wanted to show you where lower-left-side-area of the shirt is. this is because i want to put the rest of the design there. i guess you will just have to use your imaginations.

i accidentally left my color pallet on the picture, oh well. so that is what i want to put on the lower-left-side-area. i wanted something else though, but i don't know. something "emotional" like "goodbye." any ideas? i am out of my stock of emotions.

this is what the design looks like after i made black grey.

God bless.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

rush in a crunch

i just finished the last tshirt design. its the front at least, the back is still rolling around in my head. i need to get this design into the shirt printer asap so if you want to have a say, i need to hear it asap.

these are massive images. hope it doesn't take your pc half and hour to load them. but with such high quality, comes great criticism. ok, sorry about that--no more lame pop culture references.

UPDATE: even though i didn't put it up here, i changed the black of the hands to a dark grey to resemble its original pencil graphite color.

other then that. rutti and i finished the stencil art. i got some pics but i am in a hurry so i'll try to get those up soon though. i'm graduating in a week and a half.

God Bless.

Friday, April 18, 2008

some accomplishments

this is a blog post, remember what those are?

i got two sexy models to put on my newest school tshirt (thanks rutti and andy). yes, confirmative, the outline design tshirt became reality, even on sweet, sweet preshrunk cotton. i know. if i get enough people to order this tshirt, i can ship a batch out. if you really want one, email me at or just post something here. i'll probably use an online tshirt site like to make them and have the shirt shipped directly to the buyer. capiche?

about my stencil. as of today, i have it all cut out (thanks to a friend that helped out). i wanted to paint it today after school but the time was scarce and it was threatening to rain. i did however, test it out by tagging my locker. :P

like that photoshop effect? :P

that's all. God bless.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

made! and i am not talking about the MTV show...

so i got the shirt made. i know, it took forever and it took even longer for me to post on this blog. oops. i am fairly pleased with how everything came out, (i'll get some pictures up here asap.) i did the shirt in various colors on different colored shirts. i also officially sent my first long distance t-shirt request (its getting there, david!). thats pretty exciting. oh yes, i only made 12 shirts (i made 22 last time and didn't sell them all so i decided to be more prudent this time). the good news is that i sold them all and just ordered 11 more. yeah, i know. i put them on 100% cotton shirts (not the ideal but a lot better than the last one). hum, thats about it for that shirt.

i got an ok to do my stencil art on the inside of the bathroom. i am pretty sure there is space. i am planning on staying after school Thursday to get the stencil made. i'll take some pictures.

i am going to get the school t-shirt made asap. i'll make then independently but sell them for cheap, something around R$15. i'll make them in white and black, to keep them simple. i am contemplating setting up a paypal account and opening up the shirts for long distance orders (for people in the states). i'll charge the price of the tee and shipping. the basics. i thought that would be pretty cool. i have already (along with some of my colleagues ;) started thinking up the design for the LAST school tshirt for the LAST semester of the LAST year and the LAST graduation and the LAST....well, you get the idea. i'll keep you posted on that.

God bless.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

stencil art.

right before Christmas vacation, i shifted my focus a little bit. i had found some sweet stencil art of London on the web by the artist Bansky. it really caught my attention. apperantly, this is guy is some mystery. anyway, i decided to make some of my own.

you won't really understand the art if you haven't watched the scrubs episode "My Musical". thanks to amazing YouTube, you can watch the part of the show it is based off of. its hysterical. you non-scrubs fans might not understand very well but oh well. note the line "there is nothing gay about it."

"but in a totally manly way."

ok, here is what i can up with. i want to spray paint it on the school bathroom wall but i need to get it approved by our lustrous principle (or princible, princble, princapale, ect ect)

so yeah, that is going to be pretty sweet. i am trying to make the "rei dos reis" shirt but this stupid place is being stupid. urg.

God bless.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

finishing touches.

i am trying to get my designs finished and ready-to-print. i have been working on my crest design. i came out with this...but i need your opinion. i added a "grunge" effect and i don't know if i like it. tell me what you guys think.

other than that -- i like how it came out. especially, the back. once i print this shirt, i will officially have a "brand." you know, officially as in "not really but good enough to call it that."

II - oh yeah.

God Bless.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

mirror image

i had an idea for a shirt last year for a church retreat. the theme was "refletindo a imagen de Cristo" [reflecting the image of Christ]. i finally got around to doing it. this is what came out. tell me what you guys think.

here are some tans...

some other random colors i thought interesting...

i know you can't really tell what it says at first glance, but i think that is the point. this shirt isn't made for other people to look at, its for you. if you still can't read it, get a mirror. look through the reflection at your computer screen.

the font was a hard choice. i still don't know if i like it. any suggestion?

God bless.